Moving to Nevada from Florida – what’s the difference?

By January 14, 2020Moving to Las Vegas

Moving to Nevada from Florida could easily turn out to be great. While Florida has its share of qualities, so does Nevada. And while both of these states offer good quality of life benefits, it seems that Nevada, objectively speaking, provides more appealing advantages that tip the scales in its favor. So, let us take a closer look at the differences between these two states. Moving to Nevada from Florida – what’s the difference? Read on and find out.

Cities in Nevada are great

After moving to Nevada from Florida, you’ll get to enjoy its excellent cities, Las Vegas in particular. This city is famous for being the gambling center of the USA. Needless to say, if you enjoy gambling (even in a recreational manner), you’ll have a great time in Nevada. But, Las Vegas isn’t only great for gambling. On the contrary, this is a very-well rounded city. It offers plenty of various different activities, from art exhibitions to beautiful natural attractions. Various industries are booming there. Jobs are very lucrative, due to the rising economy. Workers’ rights are important to managers, so all the prerequisites for finding a comfortable job exist.

"Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada" sign.

Las Vegas is one of the more appealing cities for settling down after moving to Nevada from Florida.

But, Las Vegas is not the only appealing city in Nevada. It’s hard to choose just one other city to recommend, but we’ll have to go with Henderson. This is a smaller place than Las Vegas, so it’s perfect if you’d rather have a more quiet life. Henderson is a great place for families. Crime rates are low and the schools are very good. They are constantly getting excellent reviews from parents, who are very happy with the education that their children are receiving. A great mixture of urban and green, old and new, Henderson is an amazing town for raising your family in.

Finding the right moving company to ease your move

However, while these great cities will justify any kind of relocation, you should still find a reliable moving company to take you there. If you’ve never moved before, you may be wondering, “Why do I need a moving company?” Well, the answer is simple: moving is hard. We’re sure that you have plenty of things to pack. However, it’s not just the amount of things; there’s also the right way to pack and the wrong way to pack. Old, fragile and valuable items require special packing techniques. So do large items, such as pool tables and pianos.

Then, there’s the logistics of the trip. Finding the right-sized moving vehicle isn’t easy. And there are plenty of other organizational issues that may (most likely – will) occur. The biggest problem, however, happens if you are employed full-time. It’s very hard to have a life outside of your job and your moving obligations. And if you have kids, prepare yourself for existential hell until after the relocation. Luckily, making your cross country relocation simple isn’t hard. With the right moving company, moving is easy and affordable. So, why do everything on your own when you can make this process much more bearable?

People are amazing in Nevada

The people of Nevada are also different. While we don’t have anything against the people of Florida (on the contrary, I personally have a few very good friends in Henderson), Nevadans are something else. You don’t come upon such a large quantity of friendly people in such a small (relatively speaking) physical space every day. Always ready to help, Nevadans extend their hospitality to all the good people, no matter where they’re coming from.

Three friendly girls, the kind you'll meet every day after moving to Nevada from Florida.

Friendly and polite, Nevadans are some of the best people in the world!

Friendly neighbors and helpful even to strangers, Nevadans will welcome you as one of their own. It could be that there’s something in the beautiful surroundings that has this impact on Nevadans. Or, perhaps it’s the education (we already talked about the great education system in Nevada) and their upbringing that have something to do with this. Whatever the reason, we are not exaggerating when we say that there are no people like the people of Nevada. If you’ll be moving from the Big Apple to Las Vegas, for example, you’ll be surprised right away with the differences in the way people interact with each other.

A large number of various attractions

Nevada is also highly appealing because it offers something for everyone. No matter your tastes and hobbies, you will find great opportunities here. If you enjoy spending time in nature, Nevada will welcome you with great and unique natural attractions. You can find greenery, but there’s also the desert. Fascinating rock formations are drawing in tourists in large amounts. Hiking, exploring, all sorts of sports – everything is there, it is in excellent shape, and waiting just for you.

Abstract art.

The art scene is thriving in Nevada, both when it comes to abstract and more traditional forms of art.

There’s also a thriving art scene in Nevada. While this state is generally not known as a state for artists and art afficionados, it’s not because the art scene is not very good. On the contrary, you can expect that this state will soon be up there with all the major states. This is because young artists are constantly working and producing new exhibitions and works of art worth seeing. If you enjoy art, you’ll surely find something for you in Nevada. And if you apply the tricks that will save you time when moving to Nevada, you won’t miss some great exhibitions that are currently on display.

Settling down after moving to Nevada from Florida

After moving to Nevada from Florida, you may need some time to settle down. This is a natural process, unrelated to any objective qualities of these two states. Simply put, due to the differences between these two states, you may need some time before Nevada genuinely becomes your home. You’ll need some time before you get used to not seeing a beach on an everyday basis. The weather will not be as scorching, and the people will be more friendly. In fact, due to a different mentality, you may be in for a culture shock. “Why is everyone so nice to me?”, you may wonder.

Luckily, this is just the kind of behavior that will help you settle down much faster than in most other states. Focus on exploring and stick to your routine. The more you explore, the more you will feel like home. And sticking to your routine will make you feel in control. After a short period of time, you’ll most likely feel better than anywhere else. Then you’ll see that moving to Nevada from Florida was a very good decision indeed. LV real estate trends are favorable, which was always the case with Henderson, so there’s no excuse to delay your move any longer!

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