Moving from Miami to Las Vegas

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Relocating is a harsh project. Top that with a long distance relocation and you really have yourself a treat. This is why you should be careful and never underestimate such projects. A common mistake people make is when they think they could do a bunch of it on their own. And quite frankly, they can. But there are certain things that need to be entrusted to professionals. For instance, if you are relocating from Miami to Las Vegas – the number of things you can do on your own is rather limited. This is why projects such as this one you should always hire the best Miami movers you can find.

What you should know when moving from Miami to Las Vegas

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Both Miami and Las Vegas are extremely warm, mostly, and we will take into consideration that you are well accustomed to that.

First of all, before we dig into the move itself we need to identify the fact that Miami is significantly different from Las Vegas. Some elements are the same, but the overall lifestyle changes quite a bit.


One of the few things that they have in common is the heat. Both places are extremely warm, mostly, and we will take into consideration that you are well accustomed to that. However, the heat itself is different. Miami heat is wet heat since the air humidity is quite high. This is due to the proximity to large bodies of water, and are probably very well accustomed to that. However, Las Vegas is in the desert. There are no natural bodies of water lurking nearby hence the air humidity is greatly decreased. This results in dry air. Overall, I prefer dry air to the humid one, but to each his own. You might find it different, you might like it or dislike it. Regardless, you need to know about it. You could even say from Miami to Las Vegas = from Wet to Dry.

valley of fire

Both Miami and Las Vegas are extremely warm, mostly, and we will take into consideration that you are well accustomed to that.

Miami is a very lively city, with plenty of things to do. But it is nothing compared to the liveliness of the Strip. Now, it depends on where you are going to live in Las Vegas. There are quite peaceful and calm places. For instance, if you decide to settle down in Summerlin, it will be significantly calmer and quieter when compared to Miami. But, if Downtown Las Vegas is going to be your destination you will witness a city that literally never sleeps. I mean never. The flashy lights are on 24/7, and no matter what – the show must go on.

Your lifestyle will greatly adapt to it. Whether you like it or not, you will be drawn to the riches of Las Vegas. You will want to partake in the nightlife that other people dream of visiting. It will be right on your doorstep. And it will be rather difficult to ignore. So keep that in mind, if you are thinking that you will not take part in it – you are probably wrong. 

Long Distance Moving from Miami to Las Vegas

This long distance move has too many elements to cover in one blog post. This is why we will cover only the most fundamental ones, and for everything else, you will be inclined to consult your Miami long distance movers.

Hiring Movers

Which brings us to the best pro tip we can give you. Hire professional movers. Unless you yourself are a professional mover with extensive experience and the right equipment, you will want to have professionals do the heavy lifting. Now, I know it is pricey and that you are thinking that you’ll be able to save some money. But this only works if the move goes flawlessly. And if you are doing everything on your own it most likely won’t.

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We highly recommend that you hire professional movers.

Hence, if you think you can do it on your own, and you save some money while doing so, and something goes wrong – you end up losing far more money than you would spend on the moving services. This is why you should play it safe, at least for this venture. There is no room for risk and you shouldn’t gamble with your treasured belongings.

Hiring process

So, if you agree to accept this piece of advice that we need to talk about how you are going to hire them. The hiring process should go through several stages that guarantee its high quality.

  1. Research various movers online and read their reviews
  2. Have a selection of top three moving companies
  3. Interview all of them and have them do an estimate of the move
  4. Compare the estimates and choose the right mover for yourself
  5. Create a contract and make sure you stick to it

This is fundamentally how you should approach hiring your movers. Always make sure you leave room for choice and options, and keep everything on paper once you have reached an agreement. This is for your safety and the safety of the company you hired.

Most importantly, make sure you have insurance bought. Some moving companies will offer insurance of their own whilst others might offer you to purchase some additional ones. Either way, our advice to you is not to attempt to save money on it. When moving from Miami to Las Vegas you wish not to leave anything to chance. Better safe than sorry as they like to say.

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