Moving from Las Vegas to New Jersey

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So, living in Las Vegas is not as fulfilling as you thought it would be. And you decided, or are planning, to move to New Jersey, whether for college, career or any other reason. Further, in this text, we will provide you with all the necessary information you would possibly need when before moving from Las Vegas to New Jersey.

You searched and found a perfect place to settle in after you relocate. All that is left is packing and thinking about the process of moving. Which can be very stressful and tiring, especially when there is such a big distance to travel.  Don’t let yourself get caught in by any mistake because you probably won’t be able to afford it. When it comes to long distance moving to New Jersey, just let it be done by professionals so you can focus on other important things.

We honestly think it’s better to use accredited long distance movers, to avoid any possible errors and costly. As with any other services, your stuff will probably arrive before you. Make sure you research what other services movers NJ provide.

What to know before moving from Las Vegas to New Jersey

New Jersey is divided into three regions, South Jersey, North Jersey and Central Jersey. There are many municipalities, roughly around 565, and they are all grouped into seven MSA (Metropolitan Statistical Areas) by the OMB (Office of Management and Budget). Size of each municipality is around 15 square miles, but it can vary, which is making New Jersey relatively small state.

Ther are a lot of things to do and see in New Jersey. It all depends on why are you there in the first place, and mostly on your taste. Rich nightlife, day to day activities and many other things await you.

Weather can sometimes be rough

Yes, it is very different than in Las Vegas. Those long summer days are all over. Get ready for something completely different, and sometimes harsh. Get ready for very hot and humid summers and cold and snowy winters. There is no in between! Altho weather is predictable and a lot of other factors influence it, be prepared for winter because it can be very harsh.

You probably already know what do wear during summers, while you were living in Las Vegas. But, New Jersey is different during winter. Be sure to wear a worm and a windproof jacket. All those tall buildings do tend to make a strong draft of wind that can become a problem. For such an urban and vibrant city, do not afford yourself to be caught sick right after moving from Las Vegas to New Jersey.

rain drops on hand

Get ready for heavy rains in New Jersey

Always have a backup plan

Power outages are very common in New Jersey due to the bad weather. Just a small reminder, in 2012 New Jersey was hit with 90mph Hurricane Sandy. Although locals are used to lack electricity during such storms, you will sometimes find yourself in an unfamiliar position. It is very important to have a backup plan, such as batteries, lamps or other large energy storing units. If, by any chance, you do not have anywhere to go during these bad situations, at least have an emergency kit with you. It should contain food, water, clothes, some energy source and a heat source.

Backpack and hat on bed

Have an emergency kit after moving from Las Vegas to New Jersey

Bring your own Bottle to the restaurant

Yes, this may sound funny to you, but this is actually true. Most of the restaurants in New Jersey are „Bring your own bottle“ friendly. So, it is basically same as in college but much more luxurious. That is a funny but sometimes useful fact you should know before moving from Las Vegas to New Jersey. Of course, this rule varies from municipality to municipality, depending on their own rules.

Wine bottles on table

You are allowed to bring your own drinks into restaurants

Gas stations provide full service

This dates from 1942 when it was ruled that only trained professionals should provide you with full services since fire hazards happened a lot. Yes you read it right, they do provide full services at gas stations. That is excellent news if you are in a hurry and can not afford any time to be wasted on them. With low gas prices, and full service, you will probably be more relaxed about your wallet and your car. Those full services often include:

  • Providing gas pumping services,
  • Washing the car,
  • Washing car windows,
  • Doing the check of water level,
  • Checking the oil level and possibly refiling,
  • Checking the engine.

It also depends on the person working at the gas station. If they are trained mechanics, then there are a lot of other services they can provide. When it comes to paying them, they mostly work for tips. And, depending on what type of services they did, the tip should vary from 1$ to 10$. You should tip them if you can because they can often find some issues you probably wouldn’t even know about. And save you a lot of money and time.

Gas Station at nightWhat are the best neighborhoods to live in New Jersey

Before moving from Las Vegas to New Jersey, you probably wondered what are the best places to live in New Jersey. In this part, we will mention few of them that would probably intrigue you into moving there.

Some of the largest cities in New Jersey are Union and East Orange, Passaic, Camden, Elizabeth, Trenton, Clifton, Paterson, Jersey City and Newark. There are also other smaller towns such as Princeton, Ridgewood, Heathcote and Chatham.  Princeton is a college town, and he provides a lot of opportunities in art, ever-growing food industry, and science.

As for transportation between these cities, you should not be worried. They are all well connected either by a train or a bus. When it comes to much smaller and rural towns, most of the residents like to use bicycles.

After reading this article, we hope it helped you in making your decision about moving from Las Vegas to New Jersey easier. There are a lot of sights and other things to see and experience in New Jersey for sure. Share with us your thoughts and experiences of living in New Jersey!

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