Moving from NY to LV in a hurry

By June 28, 2019Moving to Las Vegas

Moving long distance is VERY stressful, plus, if you do not have enough time to prepare and pack, it is even more stressful than usual. Many people want to change their location and to try something new. Living in New York is about 62% more expensive than living in Las Vegas. That is one of the reasons for moving from NY to LV and the hot weather of course.

Moving from NY to LV – all the differences between these 2 states

When moving to another state, it is a big change in life. NYC lifestyle is very different from living in LV. And now when you have a very short time to organize moving on short notice, you will definitely need some type of guide. Explore Las Vegas before you move there. This will not take too much time, but it will help you a lot. Here you have a quick lesson about Las Vegas Nevada.

Las Vegas sign

Welcome to Las Vegas

The weather

The first major difference is the weather of course. Las Vegas is in the middle of a desert, so it is very hot. Also, there are not winters and snow, just high temperatures and sun. During the summer months, you will want just to say at home with the air conditioner. You will need time to adjust to the weather. The hottest month is July when the temperatures can be 106 degrees. If you love the Sun, you will love Las Vegas too.

Costs of living

Costs of living are much cheaper when you compare them to the costs of living in New York. Is it one of the reasons why people move out of NY. Depending on where you want to live in Las Vegas, housing, utilities, food, can be very affordable and you will be able to save money. You can even save more if you organize your moving budget and hire and affordable moving company.

No income taxes

Nevada does not have income taxes like New York. It is a big advantage because relatively NY has high taxes. In the beginning, you will feel weird about not paying income state taxes, but after a while, you will adjust. Spending money will be definitely your major difference.

A view of Las Vegas at night

Living in Las Vegas is fun, so relaxed and prepare for a move, even if you do not have too much time

Job market

Of course, Las Vegas is a Mecca of the tourism industry (445% of people in LV work in the tourism industry). People from all around the world come here to Sin city to have fun. But, it is not the only industry. How much money you will earn in Las Vegas, depends on where you work and how much. The best solution is to already have a job when hiring professional movers from Washington Heights for moving to Nevada. The unemployment rate is 5.2% but it is getting lower.

Hiring a last minute mover for moving from NY to LV

Long-distance moves are not simple and plus you will not have time to do everything on your own. The best and safest solution is to hire professional help. NY has many moving companies, but when you are lack of time, you will hardly find one. Do not rush with choosing, or you will maybe be scammed. Heart Moving Manhattan NYC is one of the companies that may help you move to Las Vegas. Compare 2 or 3 moving companies and choose a reliable, experienced, licensed and insured company for LV relocation. 

A watch

Manage the time you have for preparing. By hiring help, it will be faster

How to prepare for moving in a hurry to Las Vegas?

If you have less than a week for moving from NY to LV, it will be very difficult. You maybe think that there is no way to finish everything on time. But, it is possible to prepare for a long-distance move on short notice if you are organized and if you ask for help.

  1. Do not panic, just breathe and start plan your moving from NY to LV. Yes, it can be extremely overwhelming, that is why you need to calm down and understand what is going on. Moving in a normal part of life, and people are moving al the time. At least, you are not leaving the States.
  2. Collect enough packing supplies if you will pack boxes with a moving company. Quickly learn how to find moving supplies in Manhattan and where. If you want to get them for free, try in supermarkets or local stores. Besides moving cardboard boxes, you will need a strong tape and wrapping material. If you do not have enough, use garbage bags for clothing, or use clothing to wrap fragile items.
  3. Do not pack everything, you will not need it, especially clothing. Weather is hot, so you won’t need jackets, coats, boots, etc. Pack just the most important items, and do not lose valuable time.
  4. Ask friends and family for help, it is necessary, because you will not be able to finish everything alone. They can bring more packing supplies and help you pack, sort, clean, help you not to panic, etc.
  5. It is not time to be organized, so in one box you can pack clothing and linens. Try to finish everything fast and you will organize your household items after the move, in LasVegas. You will have plenty of time there.
  6. The easiest solution is to hire professional help. You can organize your paperwork and documents while they pack. This way you won’t need to search for packing supplies, equipment and lose time packing. NY has many professional packers that will finish everything on time.


It is possible to move on short notice, but you really need to be focused. Moving from NY to LV is a huge life event, so immediately when you find out about it, book a flight, hire a moving company, collect all the required documents, and be open ask for help and advice.

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