Moving from Nevada to Virginia – what’s to know?

By January 20, 2020Moving from Las Vegas

Thinking about moving from Nevada to Virginia anytime soon? Well, if you are, that is great news! But, be prepared, Virginia’s lifestyle will be quite different than the one in Nevada. People in Virginia are less laid back and more dedicated to hard work. However, that is why this state has a thriving job market, a more educated workforce, and a top-notch education. That is actually why a lot of people are moving from Nevada to Virginia. But do not worry, you will still be able to have a lot of fun and enjoy some beautiful beaches too. Here is what else you need to know in order to make your long-distance relocation easy.

The Cost of Living is High after Moving from Nevada to Virginia

Of course, the first thing that you should check before moving from Nevada to Virginia is the cost of living. Unfortunately, it is above the national average. This means, that buying a home, paying for utilities, health care, education and even buying groceries will come with a hefty price tag. Thus, check whether you can live comfortably there before you browse to find professional movers to come and relocate your stuff. However, the locals here do not seem to mind the prices, as their salaries and the standard of living are also high. So, if you landed a nice job in Virginia, there is nothing to worry about.

A piggy bank you might need to break when moving from Nevada to Virginia.

Analyze your budget before moving from Nevada to Virginia.

Virginia is Great for Families

Yes, it is true that most people who decide to move from Nevada to Virginia do it in search of a better job. And, yes, it is also true that Virginia is great for professionals. But, there are also many great cities and neighborhoods great for starting and raising a family. All these neighborhoods are safe, have low crime rates, big school districts, top-notch education and all possible amenities that a family might need. And, if you have to be moving from city to city in Virginia, you will see the same thing everywhere. Moreover, there is plenty to do on those days when the school is off. Trust us, your children will love it here. Just make sure you are prepared for moving with your family across the country.

A girl swinging.

Your child will be able to enjoy all four seasons in Virginia too!

Traffic Can Be a Nightmare

Another very important thing that must be mentioned is the traffic in Virginia. If you ask the locals, they will say it is not that bad. But, if you ask people who had come from Nevada, for instance, they will say it is a nightmare. Yes, there are traffic jams during rush hours, and yes, people drive a bit faster here, but it is nothing that should break your spirit. Just make sure that you familiarize your self with all the traffic rules here, and you will be fine. Good luck with your move!

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