Moving to Boston with teenagers

Dealing with teenagers is never easy. As they are in such a sensitive time of life they can be pretty much impossible. Anyone who has ever tried to lecture a teen or had an argument with one knows that slammed doors, angry retorts, and even threats to move out are nothing new. That is why you probably won’t expect that your teen accepts news related to moving with a smile. Just thinking about leaving their comfort zone, leaving their friends, and having to start new relationships is very frightening to them. We all know that relocation is stressful and that it can be very harsh on everyone, but when you get a teen into an equation things get even more difficult. However, moving to Boston with teenagers can go much smoother if you know how to deal with them.

Luckily, there are things that you can and should do. Arm yourself with patience, sharpen your negotiation skills and motivational power and get ready for an emotional journey with your child.

Moving to Boston with teenagers: how to prepare?

Of course, you want to avoid any great emotional turmoil or battles with your children when you tell them that you are moving across the country. That is why you need to find an ideal moment and an appropriate way to break the big news to them. That, unfortunately, is not easy, but it is doable.

A teeanger receiving the news about the move on her phone.

Find the best time to break the news to your teenagers.

Talk to your teens

Although your teenagers may not have fully formed their identity yet, they have enough life experience and knowledge for sure to be able to tackle and analyze a problem. Talk to them and make a decision about your long distance move. Their opinion and views may not be as well grounded as yours, but be sure to listen to them because they deserve consideration and respect.

You should inform your teen about your move as soon as it becomes a certainty. Many parents have made a mistake of not telling the news to their children right away. Teens are very resourceful and they will find out that they’ll be moving one way or another. It is much better that they hear about relocation from you than from the neighbors. You may be accused of hiding things from them so that they can’t do anything about them. Don’t do that.

The sooner your teens learn about moving, the more time they will have to process the information and accept it. They will have more time to deal with everything that is important to them before the moving day comes.

Be open with your teenagers

Be as open with your teens as you can and explain to them the reasons for your relocation. Focusing on the positives will make your moving to Boston with teenagers much easier. Try to spark their interest in a new area, in new adventures and new opportunities that relocation will bring. Explore your new city together with them and find new entertainment options, sports events, academic facilities and anything that your teen might be interested in.

Fortunately for you, Boston has a lot to offer for you and your teens, so it shouldn’t be hard to find something fun after you have moved. There is the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, the beautiful Public Garden, the Quincy Market, and many other things that you can look into.

Lastly, discuss the different stages of the moving process with your children. Try to get them involved with simple tasks. They can be in charge of getting quotes and estimates from sites like Explain to them that their support is very important in this period.

Sad girl sitting.

Moving to Boston with teenagers can be very difficult if you aren’t open with them.

Encourage questions

Be sure to encourage questions and discussions every time when there is an occasion for it, not only during initial talks. Ask them about any fears, concerns, or worries that they might have on the subject. Find out if they have any wishes on neighborhoods in Boston in which they would like to live in. It is crucial that they understand that their opinion matters and that you respect their feelings and wishes.

If your teens refuse to cooperate, don’t be afraid to back off and let them cool down. After some time has passed, harness your negotiation skills and try to win them over. Fulfill some of their requests that make sense, make a few kind gestures, talk to them about their new room. Whatever works for your case. Just remember that your goal is to get them excited about the relocation. If they can’t wait to move, your moving to Boston with teenagers will be like a dream.

Engage your teenagers in the moving preparations

Teenagers love when their opinion matters. If you accept their thoughts, they will be more reasonable and trustworthy. This can only work to your advantage as they will gain self-confidence and they will do their best to prove how mature they have become. When you start preparing for the big move to Boston, consult your teens about everything that you can. Here are a few instances when you can ask them for help.

  • Choosing the right moving date – If you have the liberty to choose the time of your move, be sure to involve your children in this.
  • Create a floor plan – Besides letting your teens decorate their own rooms, go one step further. Create a detailed digital floor plan of your new home together.
  • Choosing the right movers – If you have several relocation services to choose from, ask your teens to help you choose. You don’t have to accept their ideas, but get them involved, as that is what matters.
  • Pack up together – Packing can be fun when the whole family participates in it. It will give you more time to discuss and will speed up the preparations.
Boy sitting at the table, studying.

Get your teenagers to help you with the moving process. This will make them feel engaged.

Organize a farewell party

Organize a farewell party to help your teens say goodbye to everyone that they care about. Invite all of their friends and neighbors and let them spend some time with them before you leave. It is important to be able to say goodbye because they’ll be able to focus on what’s ahead of them. Take them to places where you have happy memories together and let them spend some time there too.

Be sure to follow these instructions and talk openly with your children. That way, your moving to Boston with teenagers should go without any problems.

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