Leaving Nevada for Florida – why is Crestview a city you should consider

By December 22, 2020Moving from Las Vegas

Nevada is a great place to live in. It is warm, the housing is cheap, there are plenty of things to do and see in Nevada, especially if you live in Las Vegas. But a lot of people seem to be moving from Nevada. There isn’t any specific reason why. Nevada has a lot to offer but some just want a change. And if you were thinking about moving away from Nevada, we think that Crestview is a city you should consider. We are here to tell you more about this city so for those of you who were planning on leaving Nevada for Florida, here are a couple of things about Crestview that make this a great place to live in, no matter your age.

Crestview is perfect for anyone

Crestview is a city where everyone would enjoy living, no matter the age. This is because Crestview is a very safe town. There aren’t plenty of people living in Crestview, there are around 30,000 residents. This is a relatively small town. Which is what attracts a lot of elderly people. Elderly people want to live somewhere safe and peaceful and Crestview is exactly that.

A storm
Crestview is a very small peaceful town.

But families live here too. Families with small children mostly. And they don’t have any complaints about living here either. And if you were thinking about leaving Nevada for Florida and moving to Crestview with your family, some of the Best Movers in Florida can make this long-distance relocation a lot easier.

Crestview is almost a coastal town

Another thing that we believe is why you should consider moving to Crestview is the fact that it is almost a coastal town. Crestview is located a short drive away from the beach. It isn’t very close to walk to it but it isn’t very far away either. You and your family can spend weekends by the coast.

If you move to Crestview, for example to the northern part of the city, you might decide to move closer to the coast, which would be the southern part of Crestview. If that happens, you can always hire a crew from the area to help you relocate to your new home that is closer to the coast.

A bench at the beach
The beach isn’t that far away.

There are plenty of things to do in Crestview

If you are used to the fun life of Las Vegas, moving to Crestview is a good idea. There are plenty of things for you to do in Crestview even though it is a small town. There are plenty of parks in Crestview, and the parks in Florida are amazing. There is the Twin Hills Park, the Old Spanish Trail Park.

There are plenty of cafes, bars, and restaurants here as well. You and your family will enjoy all of them. The best part about the restaurants is that they always have fresh fish and seafood. You could be eating it every day! You will also love to shop in the local stores. There are plenty of them. Leaving Nevada and moving to a small Florida town such as Crestview is the best thing to do if you just want to live in a peaceful place.

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