Leaving LA and starting a new life in Las Vegas

By March 10, 2020Moving to Las Vegas

Welcome to Las Vegas, the best city known for its high-end hospitality, and of course, world-class entertainment. But, for those who live here day-to-day life isn’t as perfect as you might hear. That’s why if you are planning on leaving LA and starting a new life in Las Vegas, you must know how to prepare for this change. Your job is to do good research! Find out what makes this city great for living, how to find the right neighborhood for your new home, and then learn how to prepare for relocation.

Why leaving LA and starting a new life in Las Vegas can be a great idea?

When you decide that relocation to Las Vegas is the best option for you, you must learn what it takes to get ready for this adventure. One of the best ways you can collect the necessary info is the Internet. Thanks to him you find out how to overcome Nevada’s heat, and you discover what Vegas has to offer. 

Man is planning on leaving LA and starting a new life in Las Vegas.

Everything starts with a good plan. So, take your time and make sure you create a perfect one!

What makes Las Vegas so great for a living?

Las Vegas is an awesome place for staring over a new life. Thanks to its opportunities, you will find a way to experience the share of friendly suburban neighborhoods and hip downtown historic areas. Also, you can enjoy in close-to-the-action living spaces that give a diverse, international flair and uniqueness. So, keep in mind that whether you are moving to Las Vegas to get a fresh start or for a new job, there are things you’ll want need to know to make it a smooth change. You need to explore everything you want to know about this place before the move. That is the only way you will be ready for what is coming. And when you decide to move out of Los Angeles to Las Vegas, the Good Neighbors Moving Company LA will be at your disposal in no time.

Prepare for the move

The first thing you need to know about relocation is how to make moving to a new state with ease. This is very important especially since you are planning on leaving LA and starting a new life in Las Vegas. So, you have to make a good moving plan that can help you keep everything on the right track. That is the only way you can use to focus on some other stuff like – what your life in Vegas is going to be after the move.

Pick the right home when leaving LA and starting a new life in Las Vegas

When it comes to housing in Las Vegas, the median home prices are well below $300,000. But if you want to buy a condo or townhome is even more affordable at an average price of $171,250. For renting a one-bedroom apartment prepare to pay from $810 to $1,328. You will see that renting is quite affordable in Las Vegas compared to the national average and other major U.S. cities. 

Las Vegas

After you find the right home it is time for leaving LA and starting a new life in Las Vegas.

Job opportunities in Las Vegas

The city of Las Vegas is great because it is experiencing growth that’s creating opportunities in many different fields. You see, if the job is your prime reason is to move here, then you will have nothing to worry about. There are plenty of work possibilities when it comes to industry and hospitality services. Also, marketing, communications, and construction are positions you can easily find your place in. So, after you take care of this, all that is left to do is to collect some tips to ensure a smooth relocation.

Best neighborhoods in Las Vegas you should consider moving to

If you are single and looking for some adventure, then one of these neighborhoods can be a great choice for staring over in Las Vegas.

  • Downtown near Container Park
  • Downtown Summerlin
  • And Downtown near Arts District
  • Henderson
  • Lone Mountain

For retirees in Las Vegas, there are also plenty of choices for living.

  • Anthem
  • Aliante
  • Green Valley
  • Sun City
  • Summerlin

Before handling your fine art in a professional way, you should start looking for some of the best neighborhoods for families if you are planning to start over in Las Vegas. 

  • Anthem/Anthem Highlands/Madeira Canyon
  • Centennial Hills
  • Green Valley
  • Summerlin
  • Southern Highlands
  • Seven Hills
Las Vegas

Make sure you pick the right neighborhood that fits your personality and your priorities.

Entertainment and fun things to do

Another great reason why leaving LA and starting a new life in Las Vegas is a great idea is probably that you will never be bored in this city. Your new hometown has endless options when it comes to entertainment. No matter where your address is, soon you will discover all the reasons why locals love so much Las Vegas. The Strip, The Smith Center, the NHL’s Vegas Golden Knights, music festivals and touring shows, etc. You will discover that here you can always see or do something fun.

How to get ready for leaving LA and starting a new life in Las Vegas?

No matter what the reason is why you want to move to Las Vegas, your only job is to prepare well for this change. Also, you have to prepare your budget too. This task is going to be very expensive, and you have to take care of everything before you get some tips on how to avoid stress when moving.

When you handle the transition, your next mission is to adapt to the new environment. So yes, this is very important especially when you are leaving LA and starting a new life in Las Vegas. Do your research well to make sure you are 100% prepared. Visit the city before relocation so that you can learn how to get around. Talk to people, explore the area, meet your new neighborhood, learn how the transportation system works, and most importantly – have fun!


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