Las Vegas vs Los Angeles: which city is right for you

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The only two things that connect these two cities are the similarity in the prefix of their names and the fact that both of them are located in the US. One of them is located in California and the other is located in the state of Nevada. One of those cities is right for you, while the other isn’t. Which one out of those two cities is right for you? This is what we are going to try to answer in this article – Las Vegas vs Los Angeles. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

Las Vegas vs Los Angeles

Las Vegas

Las Vegas. What can we say about this city which hasn’t already been said? Las Vegas is famous for its gambling, but that is not all there is to it. Las Vegas can offer you much. So, let’s explore some pros and cons of moving to Las Vegas.

Las Vegas vs Los Angeles, where should you move to?

Las Vegas vs Los Angeles, where should you move to?

Pros of living in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has can offer you a lot of things. It is a bustling city that is growing fast, and many new people come to Vegas every year. However, most are temporary residents.

Las Vegas earns most of its money from tourism

Las Vegas gets most f its money from tourism. Casinos, hotels, clubs are all staples of Vegas culture, and this from where Vegas makes its money. If you are an entrepreneur, it would be smart to open something in Vegas. Even if you open a food stand, chances are high that you’ll be making a decent amount of money. Also, the climate in Las Vegas is quite hot, so you have to adjust to it at first. But don’t worry, there are a lot of great pools in Vegas.

Las Vegas view.

You can always take a swim in a pool in Las Vegas.

It doesn’t have a state income tax

Las Vegas is famous for the fact that it doesn’t have an income tax. You’ll certainly be saving money on that if you move to Vegas. It is a state policy and it is no wonder that the entertainment and casinos flourish in this city. No income tax means that Vegas is a great place for business. So, if you have a business idea, there is no better place in the US to bring that idea to life.

You have to expect the unexpected

As we mentioned, many (if not most) of the residents in Las Vegas are temporary residents. You can never know who are you going to meet and who are you going to befriend in Vegas. This is why you have to learn to expect the unexpected.

It is affordable to move to Las Vegas

It is very affordable to move to Las Vegas because there are companies that are quite cheaper than ones in the rest of the US. So if you want to settle down in NV and leave California for good, be sure to check out the moving companies in Nevada.

Cons of living in Las Vegas

Las Vegas earns most of its money from tourism

As we said, this is both a pro and a con. Las Vegas is not for people who don’t like the hectic atmosphere of a city. If you want to live a quiet life, you certainly can, but you can live that kind of life you can settle anywhere you want. Why go to Vegas and not experience the full potential of this city. Just remember to build your dream house.

Average hourly wages are a bit lower than the national average

Hourly wages in Vegas are a bit lower than the national average. But that difference is not that large. You will not pay a state income tax, and that means that you are earning even more than in the rest of the US.

Los Angeles

LA can be considered as the capital of the West Coast. It is a city of four million residents, and who knows how many non-residents. Los Angeles is most definitely a city of opportunity and it would be a shame to miss it. But many people decide to move from LA to LV, more on that later.

Las Vegas vs Los Angeles on a building.

Las Vegas vs Los Angeles part 2. Which is better?

Pros of living in LA

It is a city of opportunity

Los Angeles has a lot to offer. Sure LA is “the capital of entertainment”, but we should forget all the other industries of LA. LA is a very developed city, and many industries are working properly in LA.

There is always something to do in LA

LA is a sunny city, and many people like to recreate outside. This city has a wonderful atmosphere, and there is much you can do in it. 

There are many cultural things in LA. You can go to their renowned art museums like the Broad, Musem of Contemporary Arts, and many others. You can watch the NFL, you can go to a summer concert in Santa Monica Pier, or you can go for a hike.

It is easy to move to LA

Since many people move to LA every year, this means that there are many good moving companies too. But like in every business, some companies are simply better than others. But beware, some of the moving companies are scammy, and this is why you need to choose one that is not that. If you want to travel safely to LA, check out

Cons of living in LA

LA can be expensive to live in

If you want to move to LA, know that there is a shortage of housing units. It is no wonder then that nearly half of adults in LA live with a roommate. The median cost of a one-bedroom apartment is about 2300$. This is not a little amount of money, so you have to be prepared for it. It is good to have a little bit of money in the bank before you decide to move to Los Angeles.

We hope that you enjoyed our Las Vegas vs Los Angeles comparison.


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