Hottest neighborhoods in Boston

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Maybe you didn’t know this fact, but officially there are 23 diverse neighborhoods in the city of Boston. They are all unique in their own ways, and generally, this is the city that attracts many newcomers every year. Many of them are young professionals, since Boston is one of the top East Coast cities for millennials. Still, families also gladly call Boston their new home. There are a handful of the hottest neighborhoods in Boston, with many entertainment options, amazing restaurants, and many cultural and historical amenities.

What makes one neighborhood more popular than the other?

The hottest neighborhoods in Boston have these features in common:

  • The proximity to the city’s core – The city center of every town is its epicenter. There’ s no doubt about it. Whether is the business or pleasure in question, downtown of any city is the place to be. Still, the noise and the hustle are not suitable for everyone. That’s why the most popular are the quieter neighborhoods that are also in the proximity of the center of downtown.
  • Safety – Everybody wants to feel safe walking on the street. Especially when the sun comes down. The crime rate is dictating whether the neighborhood be popular or not. People aren’t eager to come to the unsafe part of town with the high crime rate, so they are avoiding it in the big circle. Also, safety is crucial when if you’re moving with family across the country.
  • Public transportation – Connection that one neighborhood has with other parts of the city is very important. Easy access and a short commute are making any neighborhood much more attractive.
  • Entertainment – The hottest neighborhoods in Boston are the ones that have great entertainment options. Those are part of the city where you know that you’ll have a great time.
  • Parking – These days people are having more cars and fewer places to park them. That’s why neighborhood that has a lot of parking space is becoming more and more popular. People are actually making this priority when choosing where to move.
Hottest neighborhoods in Boston are the ones with a lot of parking space.

If you’re a driver, you will surely understand the importance of available parking spots.

How to choose a perfect neighborhood?

Relocation requires making some big decision. From which movers to what neighborhood to choose for your new home. If you choose reliable movers like Premium Q Moving and Storage Boston, you will surely have an easy and stress-free relocation. If you go with the shady movers with suspiciously low quota, you may find yourself involved in some moving scam.

It’s the same when you have to make a decision where your new home will be.  You have to make thorough research in order to determine which part of the town is suitable for you. So think about the features of the neighborhood. Visit it, feel its vibe. If you can imagine living there, that’s the sign that you are in the right place.

The hottest neighborhoods in Boston

South End

South End is perfect for newcomers. Even when moving from Boston to another country, you will always feel welcome in the South End. It combines the best of many cultures since it’s Boston’s most diverse neighborhood. It’s the part of town where many immigrants and newcomers call home and it’s a true melting pot of different cultures, nations, and ethnicity. That’s what makes it so exciting and interesting. Several festivals and entertaining events are annually organized right in this neighborhood. There isn’t a dull day in the South End, which makes it one of the hottest neighborhoods in Boston.

Jamaica Plain

It’s a hip, hot and very interesting part of Boston. Jamaica Plain is the hipster enclave and it attracts the people from all backgrounds. It’s one of the most unique areas in Boston with so much to offer.
While the housing market in Jamaica Plain does fluctuate, truly there’s no bad time to move in this colorful neighborhood. It is one of the hottest neighborhoods in Boston, and when you visit it, you will see why.

Back Bay

The list of the hottest neighborhoods in Boston won’t be complete without mentioning Back Bay. Historic buildings, beautiful waterfront, and charming brownstones buildings give this neighborhood a character that no other part of the city has.
Besides being one of the hottest neighborhood in town, this is surely one of the most expensive ones as well. Back Bay is famous for world-class restaurant, finest Boston architecture and incredible options for shopping.

Woman sitting on the street taking photos

Many landmarks and entertaining content has made this neighborhood a popular tourist destination and one of the most popular neighborhoods in Boston.

North End

The North End gives you a totally different vibe than the rest of the Boston neighborhoods. You may forget that you are in the US and that you are walking throw some European city. As the oldest part of the city, it is full of old-world charm that is mesmerizing. It is the home of a Paul Revere’s House as well as some amazing rustic Italian restaurants.
Besides its unique, North End also offers a vibrant nightlife and great vast open areas. Surely, the Nort End has proven that it deserves a place on the list of the hottest neighborhoods in Boston.

Freedom trail make North End one of the hottest Boston neighborhoods.

Also, the famous Freedom Trail is in the core of this area, and that’s one of the best Bostons amenities.


The largest of the Boston neighborhoods on this list, Dorchester is actually a city of its’ own. This highly diverse community offers a great place to live in the Greater Boston area. It’s filled with things to do, excellent housing options and plenty of green space for residents to enjoy. It is also more affordable, so you can save some money when moving.

The size of the Dorchester neighborhood makes it the biggest part of Boston. We can say that is actually a city on its own. Its highly diverse community is a great place for both families with children, but also for the young professionals and millennials. It provides abundant of activities, amazing housing options and plenty of open space. Because of its fantastic features, Dorchester has become one of the hottest neighborhoods in Boston.

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