Fisherman moving to Las Vegas and Nevada

By July 26, 2018Moving to Las Vegas

Fishing in Las Vegas and Nevada.

As an avid, or as my wonderful late grandmother would have said, “Bewitched”, fisherman, the first thing I explore about any location, are fishing opportunities. Moving home to Nevada, or to Las Vegas, on the first glance gives an averagely uninformed worm dipper a headache. Imagine flashing neon lights during the night, and tumbleweed, dust, and coyotes during the day. Well, it’s not like that, actually. Though Nevada, flow more than 600 streams and rivers, and there are also more than 200 lakes and reservoirs. There is a great fishing culture in this state. Wonderful species of fish swim through Nevada water systems. Fisherman moving to Las Vegas has a lot to look forward to.

Fish species in Nevada.

A wonderful diversity of aquatic life offers itself in Nevada. Flowing water offers everything from fly fishing for rainbow and tiger trout, lure fishing for walleye to bait fishing for whitefish and catfish. Still water, lakes, and reservoirs offer fantastic opportunities.  Kokanee salmon, warm water striped bass, white, largemouth and smallmouth bass. These are some of the best known, most attractive target species in North America. Given the possibility that our fisherman has enough time to explore these options, Nevada offers enough fishing to last lifetime. Incredible is the fact how overlooked is the idea of fishing in this state.

Some of us can't wait to go fishing!

Some of us can’t wait to go fishing!

Moved to Nevada. How to start fishing?

In this day and age, the best way is of course, online. Nevada Department of wildlife has a very nice web page, . It offers easily readable and very comprehensive list of fishable water systems and fish in them. You can open a list of fish species, and by clicking on each of them, get the information on where they swim. Then, by choosing from the given options of rivers and lakes, you can get those on the map, and see the way to get there. Very straightforward and usable site. When you find what you wish to fish for, and where you fancy doing it, you need someone to show you around. You need a local fishing guide.

Fishing guides in Nevada.

Generally, specialized web services such as offer a standard selection of the best know guides. There are more focused web presentations like, which offer glorious opportunity to catch the elusive, warm water, striped bass, one of the most famous game fish from the entire continent. The feedback from guests is usually excellent. Guides offer punctuality, good boats, and gear. This amounts to the overall fishing experience that exceeds initial expectations and makes you come back for more.

ishFerman moving to Las Vegas will enjoy this fish!

Can’t wait!

Fishing gear in Nevada.

Fishing addicts usually own a serious amount of tackle. Usually specifically chosen for the types of fishing they practice the most. Even if you are not specialist fishermen, more of an all-rounder, you may need some new gear from time to time, and especially if moved to a new state. There are a plenty of fishing outfitters in Nevada. From the giants like “Bass pro shops” to fly fishing specialists like “Orvis” in Reno. Small local tackle shops where you can buy baits, some tackle. Or catch up with the owner on the best local tactics and local catches.
A wide range of available fishing opportunities cause the demand for various gear, and the suppliers respond in the best way imaginable. Your lines will always be fresh, lures and baits always top notch, so you can enjoy hard earned time on the water.

Choosing the best water for your fishing preferences.

The aforementioned variety of bodies of water in Nevada may cause some disorientation to a newcomer. It is useful to inquire about the proximity of residence to a certain fishing spot. The season for the targeted fish species is also a very important factor. In essence, newly moved fisherman needs to prioritize. If in the past, the preferable way of fishing was, for example, fly fishing, it’s best to start in that manner. Beautifully colored tiger, brook, brown and rainbow trout offer great chance to settle in on the known foundation. Once comfortable, it is easier to explore what’s out there in the great realm of Nevada fishing.

Fisherman moving to Las Vegas has a lot to look forward in Nevada.

Be it a city, like Las Vegas or Reno, or some less glamorous town, a fisherman moving to las vegas, has a whole lot o be happy about. The unexpected abundance of water systems and the variety of fish species has the mesmerizing effect. Urban areas offer a wonderful opportunity for relaxing, early morning, or afternoon fishing session on numerous ponds and small lakes. That is a great way for a newcomer to get skill set and gear into alignment. Outdoorsy types have the greatness to explore.

Fisherman moving to Las Vegas will enjoy a wide range of fish species after he settles in!

Fisherman moving to Las Vegas will enjoy a wide range of fish species after he settles in!


Rivers and streams offer the dynamism and the energy that is embodied in the beautiful species that inhabit them. Fly and lure fishing in flowing water has an immense appeal, and beautiful weather in Nevada only makes the experience better. Still bodies of water, lakes, and reservoirs, offer a generally more laid back experience. Usually approached from the boats, offering room for several people, the enjoyment can be shared even with, fishing wise, less enthusiastic. All in all, there is a lot for an avid fishing person in the great state of Nevada. The one that would never be on the top of the mind of someone looking for a great adventure with a rod in the hand. It turns out that Nevada is a hidden gem in the American fishing West.


Wonderful availability of water to be fished on, both urban and extra urban. Supreme selection of most attractive fish species in the USA. Very developed and supportive fishing industry. Good guides, with great knowledge of the waters they’re fishing on. Combining everything, it allows someone willing but disoriented during home moving to find the direction in which to explore the passion of fishing in the great state of Nevada. Fisherman moving to Las Vegas has a lot to be happy about, doesn’t he?

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