Best places to live in Maryland

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A state like Maryland, rich in history and culture, is a desirable place for living. The job market is on the fast-paced rise, and the lifestyle is affordable. Furthermore, it is home to the world-famous The Johns Hopkins Hospital. It is a perfect combination of silky beaches and steep mountains, and that makes it suitable for all living styles. There are plenty of cities and neighborhoods to choose from, so let’s look at what are the best places to live in Maryland!

Best places to live in Maryland

When moving from Nevada to Maryland, you will notice the change in the lifestyle. But, with so many places on the list, you might have a problem deciding where to move. Each neighborhood has a spirit of its own, and a captivating atmosphere. So, without further ado, here are the best places to live in Maryland!

Ellicott City

The reason why I picked this Baltimore suburb as first is the fact that it is a mix of suburban and city lifestyle. If you cannot decide for one of the two types, I say why not have both! It is only 30 minutes away from Baltimore downtown, which means it’s close proximity to work. On another note, there are plenty of hiking trails in the mountains. That creates a countryside atmosphere with a hint of a big city. All of the schools are close by, and the school system is ranked the best in the country.

two boys sitting in a classroom

Education plays an essential role in the lives of all people.


If you are looking for a place to raise a family, you could have not picked a better place than Potomac, a suburb of Washington D.C. It is a small community, but very safe. When you are preparing for a move, you are under a lot of stress. Knowing that you are moving to a save neighborhood might make everything easier. Schools are great, and the neighborhoods are filled with beautiful parks. Nationality is quite diverse. For example, you can find Jewish, Lutheran and Baptist churches all in the same street. One downside is the cost of living, and it can be a bit pricy because of the education system. However, if you think about it, you are spending your money to provide a quality environment for your kids!

Harford County

With 140 miles of shoreline, scenic parks, sports complexes, top-notch education, shopping malls, and exquisite restaurants and bars, Harford County has it all. It’s a small haven, only a 40-minute ride to Baltimore. It is full of wonderful neighborhoods, each unique and special in so many ways. Aberdeen, Churchville, and Bel Air are just a few out of the best places to live in Maryland. The tourism flourishes due to many regional attractions, golf courses, and all sorts of activities you can do. Consequently, the economy is stable! With that in mind, do not wait any longer, find Harford County professionals to help you move and start living the dream!

The reason why there are so many best places to live in Maryland is that it's abundant with suburban neighborhoods

The reason why there are so many best places to live in Maryland is that it’s abundant with suburban neighborhoods.


Located in Montgomery County, Bethesda is a city that breathes with the suburban atmosphere you are looking for. You can notice a pattern when talking about education in Maryland. School system is great due to the big budgets accorded by the state, and the neighborhoods are safe for kids. Furthermore, medical facilities are praised all over the country. Bethesda is home to the National Naval Medical Center and the National Institutes of Health. The real estate market is on the rise, and the unemployment rate is low. In return, the economy is quite stable, and that’s the most essential condition for raising a family!


Another one of the best places to live in Maryland is Columbia, a city in Howard County. The schools are a part of the Howard County Public School System, so your kids will have an excellent education. If you ever wanted to live in a city, without the feeling of overcrowded streets, here is your best shot. It creates the atmosphere of the 70s’, and that comes as a true refreshment in today’s busy life. The lifestyle is cozy and comfortable but at the same time a bit pricey. That’s not a surprise, because of the opportunities the city offers. With that in mind, if you decide to move here, start thinking about organizing your moving budget properly. Every penny counts! The community is diverse, and you have an amazing opportunity to connect with different people while enjoying many outdoor activities.

Takoma Park

Another great suburb from Montgomery County is Takoma Park. As the name hints, Takoma Park is abundant with greenery. Parks are wherever you look, sprinkled with bicycle tracks and hiking trails. A true delight for all nature lovers. Food is delicious, and there are plenty of cozy restaurants to enjoy lunch or dinner with family. Racial diversity is present, with a high rate of socioeconomic classes. It’s a progressive and family-friendly town. Furthermore, every Sunday you have the chance to go to the local farmer’s market and buy fresh fruits and vegetables. An opportunity for a healthy and happy life awaits!

benches in a park

Every neighborhood in Maryland has plenty of beautiful parks for kids.

Moving to Maryland

Hopefully, this list of counties, cities, and suburbs in Maryland will help you to decide where to move. Nevertheless, picking the right moving company is also important. A great suggestion is, as they specialize in moving across all states. Finding the right movers makes a difference between a tedious relocation and a quick and easy transition to a new home.

With that being said, get to work, go through this list of the best places to live in Maryland. And don’t stop here. Do thorough research on your own, you might discover plenty more places to raise a family!

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