Best Nashville Area Suburbs to Live

By December 27, 2018Moving from Las Vegas

We are here to help all of you who are thinking about finding a home in the Nashville area. Making the right decision on your own might be hard because there are many places that deserve to be called as one of the best Nashville area suburbs. In order to make the decision easier, you’ll need your family to help you and of course – us. We are here to teach you which criteria one suburb must meet. And in the end, we’ll list our top Nashville area suburbs. Ready to find the perfect place for your home? Let’s go!

What do good suburbs look like?

In order to call a certain suburb or city good, they need to meet some criteria. If sunny weather and sandy beaches were enough for all of us, then everybody would be moving to Florida. But, this is not the case (even though Florida is awesome). People are different. And when moving, we have different expectations from our future home. But, some of them are the same. So, if you want to find the best Nashville area suburbs for your family, always go for the one that is:

  • Safe. Whether you are moving alone or with your family, you’ll need to find a suburb with low crime rates and friendly neighborhoods. And safety is what the Nashville area suburbs definitely have.
  • Kid-friendly. It is very important for your new home to be close to places like schools, parks, and other kid activities. Especially if they are young.
  • Close to leisure activities. Spending all of your time doing work or studying isn’t always good. You should find the time for yourself and your family to do different family activities. This is why you would like from your new home to be close to many leisure activities.
  • Quiet. Your new home needs to be a place where you can relax while reading or napping. And you can’t have that if you are living in a noisy area. Go to the parties as much as you want, but don’t have a home next to them.
    Brick houses in a suburb.

    When deciding which are the best Nashville area suburbs, safety is the most important factor to consider.

Which are the best Nashville area suburbs?

There are many suburbs in the Nashville area that meet all of these criteria. This might slow down your search for the best location of your future home. But don’t worry, we’ll help you by listing some of the best of them by our opinion. The next step will be finding a moving company, but remember to be careful when hiring moving services. The area can be safe, but that doesn’t mean your belongings will be safe with all moving companies. This is why you’ll have to find a reliable one. So, now that you know the theory, it is time to learn more about the Nashville area suburbs.


Antioch is one of the most affordable places in Davidson County. A decade ago, Antioch wasn’t exactly something you would call a family friendly place. But now, it has changed a lot, and it is still changing. Once, crime rates were higher, but now this is mostly a calm place. When living in Antioch, one of the best things is the proximity to leisure activities. And let’s not forget affordable housing. If you want to live in a charming house with a backyard that is perfect for your kids and pets, then Antioch might be the right choice for you.

Spring Hill

Spring Hill is a small town in Maury County with almost 35.000 residents. Many people claim that Spring Hill is one of the best Nashville area suburbs and we can agree with them. This town is a mixture of old and new. If you are planning to move with your family, know that Spring Hill is something you can’t miss. This is why most of Spring Hill’s population consists of young adults and young families. Many parks, highly rated public schools, and friendly residents will await you. And, should you decide to move to Spring Hill, prepare yourself for the great outdoor activities.

Two boys sitting on the grass.

Spring Hill will give the opportunity for your kids to grow up in a place with many parks.


Want to know what makes Gallatin so cool? Well, ask Gallatin based moving experts or any of its resident. All of them will tell you the same. First of all, Gallatin is known for its hospitality. Whether you are talking to a store manager or a kid in the street, you’ll notice how polite they are. It is funny how a small thing like a small talk can make your day better. Gallatin is very close to Nashville. So, you’ll have a chance to live in a quiet area but also be close to the big city. But know that you’ll have everything right in Gallatin, from best restaurants and shopping centers to famous museums and beautiful parks.


If you are searching for a strong business community, Brentwood should be your number one pick. Make sure to meet people after you move because there is a big chance you’ll stumble upon a successful businessman who can tell you their secrets. And let’s not forget the fact that many celebrities live here. Apart from this, Brentwood is known for tourism, too. Residents have a chance to enjoy in many amenities but can also jump to Nashville because it is just 12 miles away from Brentwood!

Nashville streets.

Living close to Nashville makes your every day much easier.

These are only some of the best Nashville area suburbs for your future home. Whether you choose Spring Hill, Brentwood or other Nashville area suburb, you’ll have a perfect location for raising a family. So, gather your family, investigate a little more and make a decision together. Pick the best suburb in Nashville area and prepare for the exciting beginning of your Nashvillian life. Your new adventure awaits you!

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