Best 10-minute workouts for busy moms

If we’re being realistic, we could surmise that being a mother is the most difficult job on the planet. And that’s true even if you don’t have an actual day job on the side; which many moms do today. So, with that in mind – you must find it difficult to actually devote any time to yourself. But don’t worry – with some imagination and time management, you can still stay fit and healthy, even while having children to take care of. And that’s why we’ve prepared a list of short workouts for busy moms which you can utilize at any moment you have some free time. So read on, and enjoy!

Short bursts of exercise

So, let’s be honest – children are angels, but from the very moment they arrive; your chances of actually sustaining any time-consuming sort of exercise go down significantly. At first, this may not be too much of a big deal. But slowly, as you start doing less and less workouts, at far less regular intervals; you’ll find yourself completely out of shape. Before you know it, you’ll have an entire wardrobe’s worth of clothes that simply don’t quite fit. Don’t worry, though – things like yoga exercise might be the right fit. However, if you haven’t got the time for even a few yoga sessions per week; what can you do to stay fit?

A mother hugging her daughter in the street.

As a mother, finding time to work on yourself may be difficult!

Well, you’ll just have to rewire your brain, to plan and act in accordance with your new time schedule. Obviously, while kids are a genuine treasure, they also put some constraints on your free time. Meaning that you’ve only got a few pockets of free time each day, which may also be needed for other activities. However, if you can fit even a 10-minute workout into your schedule; you’ll soon start feeling right as rain. At the end of the day – it’s all about finding the workouts for busy moms that fit you the best.

Creating habits

If you want to consider hiring zumba professional trainer to help you get in shape; that’s a fine idea. Having that sort of activity at some point during the week is incredibly important. However, as we’ve mentioned above – not everyone can afford the time to indulge in such things. That’s why you may need alternative ways of becoming fit as a mom who’s got a lot of responsibility. But the trick here is remembering that exercise is a cumulative effort. It’s not all about having three huge, hour-long workouts during the week. Don’t get us wrong, that’s great – but not everyone can find the time to do it. Which is why you should look for workouts that last a short while; ten minutes at a time. There are some genuine workouts for busy moms you can do at home – explosive, intensive exercises are the key here.

A calendar, representing long-term habits.

Your short workout need to be a daily habit you’ll constantly return to!

But apart from that – you should also work hard on creating this as a habit. If you just do a couple during one day, and then tire yourself out completely; you won’t have the energy to do it again tomorrow. That’s why we recommend starting slow, but building intensity pretty quickly. Once you start breaking a sweat a couple of times a day, you’ll start feeling better about yourself. And then, you’ll want to do it even more. That way, nothing will stand in your way to becoming fit and healthy, even as a busy mom. As we’ve mentioned before though – remember that making this a habit is the most important thing.

Using resistance

Although finding the time for workouts for busy moms is important, there are actually other ways to remain fit as a parent. Crucially, it’s not all about making time for new activities which burn calories; it’s also about making the activities you already have more efficient in regards to fitness. What do we mean by this? It’s simple – you just need to make the things you already do as a mother more physically demanding. That way, you don’t need any extra time – just some additional effort. For example – if you’re doing a short distance move, don’t hire a moving company; but do the carrying yourself instead. Or if you need to do some cleaning around the house; this time around, do it on your own instead of hiring help to do it.

But if you truly want to be serious about this, here’s the best way to go about it – resistance. There are resistance bands and weights which you can carry around with you during the day. And they’ll add some hardship to every single physical move you make during the day. Believe us, this takes some getting used to at first; but over time, it absolutely becomes the best thing you can do if you need workouts for busy moms.

Do a lot of walking

Finally, there’s one last thing you can do make yourself as fit as possible. And that’s getting your pedometer out and doing some serious walking. That’s right, if you need workouts for busy moms, this is something that’s not that hard; all you need is enough patience.

A woman walking along the road, after a run.

Make it your goal to do as much walking during the day as possible!

Make it a goal to walk a certain number of steps a day, and this will really do wonders for your endurance levels. Sooner rather than later, you’ll find yourself having more stamina than you know what to do with. And that’s definitely something that’ll help with other workouts as well.

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