A simple guide to moving from Denver to Las Vegas

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There is no place like home. That’s what many people say. But, what does it exactly mean? How easy it may be to find a  perfect place to live in. Through this search, we followed one path from Denver to Las Vegas. Since every relocation is a complex process, and help is always welcomed, we found out some useful things for you. Take a look at our simple guide to moving from Denver to Las Vegas, and get ready on time.

A word or two about the Sin City before moving from Denver to Las Vegas

Gambling, glamorous casinos, and slot machines. Expensive hotels and flaming lights. That must be the first thought that comes up to your mind when you mention the city of Las Vegas. However, the truth is that this is not everything that this city has to offer. If you decide to have a nice city tour, or if you are thinking about Las Vegas as your new home, you would be surprised by what you can get.

There is a close up photo of two red dices.

Gambling is not the only thing you can find in Las Vegas.

What costs to expect when moving from Dever to Las Vegas?

Before you pack your stuff and hire Homegrown Moving Colorado to relocate your home from Denver to Las Vegas, you need to find out more about the living costs there. And for the very beginning, we have some good news. Homes in Las Vegas are much cheaper than in Denver. So, no matter whether you want to rent or buy a home there, it seems like a real bargain. When it comes to the everyday living costs, Las Vegas is again pretty affordable. Namely, in Sin City costs are only slightly above the national average, while most of the big cites are well over it.


Meet the Las Vegas life, relocate stress-free even across the state line, and choose some of the best neighborhoods:

  • Spring Valley– affordable and good for both single and family life
  • Downtown Vegas- interesting and lively
  • Summerlin– if you want a quieter place

About the climate

If you are relocating from cool Denver to dry Las Vegas, you must prepare to adjust to the noticeable climate change. Try to avoid going outside in the middle of the day. Always bring some water with you since hydration is essential during the hot weather. Look for the shades, and never forget to use some suncream. It may sound ridiculous at the beginning, but our body really needs some time to get used to these huge climate changes.

There is a road and a sandy landscape in the background, a kind of landscape you need to get used to if you are moving from Denver to Las Vegas.

Get ready for sandy dry landscapes.

What to do in Las Vegas

No matter whether you are single, or you are moving to Las Vegas with your family, you will always have something to do there. And it’s not casino related only. Visit the Las Vegas museums, and learn more about its history. Explore the outdoor activities and find your peace in the lush green landscapes and ponds. Visit the red rock canyons, and see the natural wonders. And for your children, there are many theme parks, water features, and interactive exhibits.

Now you know the basic things. Moving from Denver to Las Vegas is not a journey into the unknown anymore. So, pack your bags and try your luck! You never know what you may get.

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