6 reasons why New Yorker professionals should consider expanding their business to Las Vegas

By January 27, 2023Moving to Las Vegas

This is a guide for NYC entrepreneurs thinking about expanding their business to Las Vegas. When thinking about expanding your company, there are many benefits to doing so in Las Vegas. As for why so many people choose to make their homes in Las Vegas, the short answer is that it is a fantastic place to do business. In case that isn’t enough to sway you, we’ve laid out all the points why this amazing city is where you should establish (or expand) your business.

6 main reasons for expanding business to Las Vegas

  1. Tax incentives obviously
  2. All the best global conventions are here
  3. Growth opportunities
  4. This is entertainment capital and that can be of benefit to your business
  5. Amazing weather
  6. Affordability (everything is affordable compared to NYC prices right now)

Now that we highlighted the main reason why many NYC entrepreneurs are moving and expanding their businesses to Las Vegas, we can talk more about it.

A place for excellent entertainment for people expanding their business to Las Vegas.
This place is full of opportunities, use them to your advantage. Your business can do even better here. NYC has tough competition.

Let’s talk about the best ones

There is no corporate or personal income tax in Nevada. But that’s not all. There are also no franchise, unitary, inheritance, state, or inventory taxes. Even sales taxes are low (8.25%). This can mean a lot to new businesses. Because of this, Nevada has one of the nation’s most favorable business environments. Additionally, the available tax breaks and exemptions are highly competitive nationally. 

This is a mecca for entrepreneurs

Vegas is a magnet for global gatherings. Every year, the city plays host to dozens of conventions and conferences attended by top-level executives. When crucial individuals are located nearby, gaining access to them is simple. When the biggest consumer electronics show in the world is held annually in Las Vegas, it’s never been easier to expand a firm that caters to that market. They also host the biggest convention for those in the building industry.

No matter what you do for a living, Las Vegas is a great place to meet other influential people in your field from around the world. Even New Yorkers know about this. That’s why they are often expanding their businesses with help from divinemoving.com. Moving business on your own is impossible. This is something for professionals.

Las Vegas at night
Most happenings here are at night. You will need to get used to that.

Close-knit community

Your company can be a member of this amazing community that has a strong sense of togetherness despite the fact that the population is only slightly less than three million people. Everything will look small if you are used to NYC.  In this setting, residents of the Vegas community collaborate with one another to forge solid connections with one another (both inside and outside of the workplace).  Everyone here is familiar with one another. You can rest assured that someone will always have your back.

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