Las Vegas attractions on Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas attractions – what to see

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Las Vegas – a city in the USA, Nevada, located in the hot center of the Mojave Desert. A little more than half a million people live there permanently. This is one of the main world citadels of the entertainment industry. There is a record number of casinos, hotels, restaurants, concert halls and gaming pavilions in Las Vegas. They are the most important Las Vegas attractions. Most of them are concentrated in the center, along the main street – Las Vegas Strip. Read More

The Colorado River will leave you speechless.

Reasons for moving to Henderson

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If you are thinking about relocation and are looking for an affordable place, give Henderson, Nevada a thought. This peaceful city has a lot to offer. Reasons for moving to Henderson are many. It will win you over with 300 sunny days a year and its stunning surroundings. With so many options for outdoor activities, its perfect for nature-loving active people. Read More

Moving to NY - Is it a smart decision?

Should you move to New York?

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Las Vegas- a piece of heaven for some, for others the place to leave as soon as possible. Just like any other city. Not only in the States, but around the world. If you’re on the side of those looking for options to leave LV, you must be thinking there are quite a few options. Yes, there are. However, no matter how many possibilities there are, many people leaving Las Vegas are heading to NY. Not a big deal, right? But, should you move to New York?

I mean, it’s one of the biggest cities in the world, among the strongest countries in the world (although it’s not an independent country, but one of the US states). Yet, we suggest you consider such a move. Think it over and find out whether or not New York would fit your needs. And no, I’m not talking here only about the NYC, I’m talking about the state of New York. Let’s find out what it offers! Read More

Is moving to Las Vegas for you? Read and find out!

Is Moving to Las Vegas Really for You?

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First thing that comes to mind when someone thinks of Vegas is a city that never sleep, a lot of noise and flashing lights. But is it really entirely like that? You consider moving there based on the common knowledge about the place, but is it really like that? Is moving to Las Vegas really for you? This article will give insight on a few things you should know about the city before you’d consider moving to a place like that. Maybe the city turns out to be not what you really expected. Read More

Moving from LV to NYC – Tips and Hints

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Moving from LV to NYC is a big change, considering the differences between these two cities. While Las Vegas is known for the fun and entertainment it has, it has its own limitations. There is no doubt that moving to New York City will offer you so many adventures. This city is home to the world biggest artists, entertainers and businessmen. Whether you are a single person or you’re moving with your family, be prepared for a big change in your lifestyle.

Brooklyn bridge

Prepare properly for crossing that Brooklyn bridge!

Moving to New York can be an exciting new life chapter. That is if you are well prepared for the move. You might be looking for a job in New York City or you already have some offers. Either way, starting a new life in this big city is really exciting! Before you plan your relocation to New York City, ask yourself few questions:

  • What will be the main differences in the matter of lifestyle in NYC?
  • Will you be able to maintain your living standard after the move?
  • What should you prepare for when moving in such big city as New York?
  • What is the best neighborhood for you to live in NYC and can you afford it?
  • How to move long-distance and avoid stress along the way?

All of these questions can be answered and explained in detail in the text below. Prepare for your move and take a look at following tips and hints for moving from LV to NYC.

Cultural differences

Before moving from LV to NYC you have to understand the basic differences between these two cities. On one hand, Las Vegas is known primarily for its entertainment, gambling, shopping, fine dining, and nightlife. On the other hand, New York is basically the cultural and financial center of our country of USA. Whatever your reason for moving to New York City, consider that your lifestyle will change upon the arrival. New York is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world, and finding a job and housing is not an easy task.

People who have been to both cities say that what Las Vegas has, other than hotels and casinos, great natural areas. It also has lots of suburban areas and it’s great if you like suburban culture and driving cars. You basically need a car to get anywhere in Las Vegas. On the other hand, New York City has is popular for so many reasons. Some of them are lots of activity in arts, theatre, high-end shopping, bars and much more.

Compare the cost of living

When comparing Las Vegas and New York City in the matter of basic cost of living, it is a known fact that living in NYC is way more expensive.  Before you move, make a financial plan ahead. The cost of living in LV is around 50% cheaper. That applies to the general cost of living concerning food, gas, transportation and housing prices.

make a financial plan

Before moving from LV to NYC, make a financial plan on time!

While the overall cost of living in Vegas is less than the national average, NYC is the most expensive city in the USA to live in. Before moving to NYC from LV, the first thing to consider is the neighborhood you can afford to live in. There are plenty of safe and on-the-budget areas in NYC for newcomers. The one you will choose depends on the job you have, commute time and your family status. For example, if you are a part of a growing family, Brooklyn could be just the right neighborhood for you.

Choose a reliable moving company

Before moving from LV to NYC, you should hire only the best long distance moving experts in NYC. Long distance move can be stressful, so make sure you have professionals help you move. On the website,  you will find reliable moving and storage company from Brooklyn. Along with the packing process, they can help you with packing before the move and unpack your household items upon your arrival. This company can also provide a storage unit for the thing you don’t plan to keep in your new NYC home.

Prepare for a smaller living space

moving from LV to NYC mostly means moving to a smaller apartment

Moving to NYC means moving to a smaller apartment

When moving from LV to NYC you will probably change the type of home you can afford to live in. This implies moving from bigger property to a smaller apartment. The reason why this is not a rare case is the difference between housing pricing in Las Vegas and New York. If you are used to living in a spacious house in LV the chances are you will be able to afford an apartment in NYC. Be prepared for researching the housing market in New York City before you move, whether you plan to rent or to buy your new living space.

When moving to New York City, keep in mind that renting an apartment outside of city center in NYC can cost up to 2.5 times more than in Las Vegas. The house space in NYC might be smaller and more expensive. However, there are lots of great, affordable neighborhoods to live in. Also, if you are moving to a smaller apartment, make sure to think about renting a storage unit on time. If you hire professional moving company, they can help you find the best storage facilities in Brooklyn and help with moving your household items.

When moving from LV to NYC, expect the change in weather

If you are planning to move from Las Vegas, you are probably aware of the sunny weather in this city. With over 300 days of sunshine a year, the city has almost ideal weather conditions. People living in Las Vegas aren’t really fans of the cold and rainy days. When moving from Las Vegas to New York City consider that NYC is known for its changeable weather conditions. When it rains in New York, it really pours! So, before you move, make sure to bring an umbrella with you and enjoy the romantic scenery only New York City can offer!

featured las vegas

How to rent an apartment in Las Vegas?

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If you decide to move to Las Vegas and hire Las Vegas mover, you should know where to live. Also, what it is better – to buy or rent the place you will live. Rent an apartment in Las Vegas isn’t a simple thing to do. So, we bring you tips how to find Apartments for rent in Las Vegas.

rent an apartment in Las Vegas

rent an apartment in Las Vegas

Apartment-hunting in Las Vegas can be very stressful so you need a guide. You must be smart, pragmatic, and willing to take chances. You will face a lot of challenges and it is especially difficult if you are moving for the first time in Las Vegas. Read some of the factors you’ll want to consider when you choose to rent an apartment in Las Vegas.

Renters have many challenges – Tips for renters in Las Vegas

  • Renters are obliged to find a rental home within their budget. Experts recommend that renters should spend no more than 30 percent of their income on rent. With the rising cost of rent, this has proven challenging for many renters.
  • If you are renter you should know market and prices of condos for rent in Las Vegas
  • Keep your monthly budget. You may need to downsize or you need to change your lifestyle
  • Moving from place to place can prove to be a stressful and expensive process, particularly when you include costs such as deposits. Finding long-term accommodation can spread costs over the long-term.

Following this tips for renters in Las Vegas you will know your budget and how to work with it. Also, you will know how to manage that budget when you find your ideal home.

condos for rent in Las Vegas

Condos for rent in Las Vegas

Why is renting an apartment in Las Vegas better than buying?

If you’re considering Las Vegas as a short stop than renting an apartment in Las Vegas is obviously a better decision for you.

And even if you plan to stay a long time, jumping into the purchase of a home because it’s close to your current job without getting to know your neighborhood, or considering your long-term potential at this new employer, could leave you regretting your quick home-buying decision.

Testing out neighborhoods in Las Vegas by renting before you make a decision for purchase can help you test out the atmosphere and get comfortable before buying in for good.

Your mortgage payment, which is initially mostly interest paid to a bank, can sometimes cost more than a rental. And there’s no guarantee your home’s value will go up. The general rule of thumb is, if you plan to stay 5 years or more, buying a home is usually a good decision. If you’re not sure, renting is the best way to settle in until your plans are more definite. There will always be great homes to rent or buy in Las Vegas.

Cheap apartments for rent in Las Vegas

Las Vegas studio apartments for rent are plentiful with a wide-price range in all parts of the city and surrounding areas.

Are you in Las Vegas on a job assignment seeking a short-term rental lease? No worries. If you don’t want Las Vegas luxury apartments, rental homes in Las Vegas include apartments and condos in safe neighborhoods in the budget price range of $500-$550 per month. Also, many landlords are willing to make special deals to get property rented.

For renters with decent credit, the length of the lease and other details on terms for Las Vegas apartments for rent definitely favor the renter.

How to rent an apartment in Las Vegas?

When selecting a neighborhood in Las Vegas to call home, consider your personal style, your needs and desires for the community in which you live.

Before you submitting your first rental application, take a few steps to ensure everything is in order. A lot of first-time renters are surprised by what it takes.

Gather the copy of your credit report, the names, addresses, and phone numbers of former landlords. Also, you should know that manager may also perform a criminal background check or even contact non-listed references before deciding whether to extend a lease to you.

So, be prepared with as many of these items as possible before submitting your application. And you will rent an apartment in Las Vegas.

Apartments for rent in Las Vegas with no credit check

Rental homes in Las Vegas include apartments and condos in safe neighborhoods

Do you have poor credit? Apartments for rent in Las Vegas with no credit check

These strategies can help you rent an apartment in Las Vegas

Check your report

  • Look over your credit report so you know exactly what it says. If you find something that is incorrect, file a dispute with that credit bureau.
  • Learn how to read and understand credit reports.
  • Pay credit cards by the due-date every month.

Do not close credit line accounts that are open and report a perfect, or close to perfect, payment history.

Discuss the issues with landlord. Describe any steps you’re taking to reestablish your creditworthiness.

Get a reference. Try getting a previous landlord to recommend you as a tenant through a reference letter.

Get a co-signer. Can you get a co-signer for the lease? That would be a person you know, typically a loved one, who will sign an agreement to cover the lease and pay your rent if you can’t.

Lower credit scores makes you unattractive to landlords. How can you make yourself more appealing?

  • Tell them you will take the apartment right away.
  • Suggest the idea of a shorter lease. Explain that if they’ll allow a shorter-term lease, it can help guarantee that your payments are consistent.
  • Tell them you will agree to pay a larger security deposit
  • It’s also a good idea to bring along your checkbook when you go look at an apartment. It can be especially compelling to a small landlord, if you are able to pay your rent immediately. As an alternative to the security deposit tactic, you might propose paying a few months of rent in advance.

It can be extremely frustrating to have poor credit. However, it shouldn’t stop you from taking the steps you want to take in life and rent an apartment in Las Vegas.

Gambling tutorial for hunting for storage.

Choosing the ideal Las Vegas storage company

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Let us guess – you woke up one morning and realized that you’re stuck. Same old job and house, same people, same neighborhood… All in all – quite the buzzkill, right? Well, the answer couldn’t be more simple – find a place packed with excitement and move there. And where can you find more adventure than the Entertainment Capital of the World. Las Vegas will be perfect for that second chance you are looking for. The only two obligations that you need to consider would be hiring the best relocation company, while also finding the ideal Las Vegas storage company.

Gambling tutorial for hunting for storage.

A safe bet on finding the ideal Las Vegas storage company.

Magic tricks on finding the ideal Las Vegas moving company

Moving is simple enough once planned out and conducted properly in an organized manner. What you always need to think of is whether your new Sin City apartment will have enough space. It is at this point that you realize that you might be in the need for a storage unit. And finding a storage company is no easy task. So why not take some free advice from professionals?

The ideal Las Vegas storage company – know the type of storage to look for

You can’t really win the game unless you know all the stakes involved. And this is why you need to get familiar with the types of storage out there:

  • Self-storage. Usually considered short-term storage, and is most commonly used for storing seasonal equipment or items too large for you new place. A simple lock & key  principle and you are the only one that has access. Sound simple enough – a safe bet.
    Ideal Las Vegas storage company hiding behind two doors.

    Deciding on a favorite in a fight can lead to better odds of finding storage.

  • Container storage. Here we have long-term storage. How it works – you have a rep from the potentially ideal the Las Vegas storage company do a house call.  They then do an inventory count to determine the size and number of containers you require. Containers are then delivered to your address by the storage company with clear instructions in regards to packing and safe-keeping. Once packed, the containers are transferred to the storage facility of your choice.

Now that you’re a bit more familiar with the possible plays, it’ll be that much easier to proceed with a strategy.

Initial stakes – comprise an ideal Las Vegas storage company list

Knowing the players can win you half the game – and this is simple Vegas math. Every search begins with a lot of background research, which is why advise that you do the same. And considering the modern technology we now have at our disposal, there are several methods:

Know the storage companies in Las Vegas before opting for any

Get to know as much as you can before making any rash decisions and risks.

  • First-hand insight. It never hurts to go about asking friends and family members for advice. It’s always a safer bet when you have a company someone you know can vouch for than hiring a brand new company you know nothing about.
  • Online research. The Web is considered the widest database of information today – so it’s only logical that you focus your search using it as a tool. In addition to the amount of information you can find, you can also find feedback and reviews from other players. Who better than others that were in your shoes to offer sound advice.
  • Real-estate agencies. In case you are already hiring them to find you that ideal apartment, why not inquire about the ideal Las Vegas storage company along the way. And even though they have a deal with “the house”, they just might help you win some hands.
  • Relocation companies. Moving companies which offer storage services as well are not that rare. And even if they don’t, most of them can provide reliable recommendations.

Gambling for the ideal Las Vegas storage company – follow or fold

By now you should probably have a list of potential storage companies for your relocation to the Gambling Capital of the World. So how do you go about calling some of them out from the list? Well, easy enough if you follow the following steps:

  1. Background checks are a MUST. The Silver City is not that naive  – competition is large and fraudulent companies lurk everywhere. Always visit the storage facility website (if one exists) and verify the license and validity of the company before even considering going all in with them.
  2. Check any reviews or comments about the storage company. If none are available, caution is highly advised. These are typical markers of either young and inexperienced companies or companies which have something to hide. No matter the game-play, the rule is fixed – as long as there are reviews, there is material to work with.
  3. Check for any records of complaints.  Start from the Better Business Bureau and search for the company in question. Then read up on any articles or news involving the storage place. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to contact the local police department and check whether there were any past incidents or reports involving the storage company or their facilities.

Ensure that you’re getting your money’s worth in regards to services

So you’ve called out the fraudulent Las Vegas storage facilities that were attempting to bluff – good. Now comes the hard part. If you’ve rented storage before, you have some idea what to expect. In case this is your first time playing the game, then you might want to consider the following:

Store your patience before making the final decision.

Make sure that you’re covered before going all in with the ideal Las Vegas storage company.

  • Investment vs. potential gain. Most storage facilities have a fixed cost for the services they offer, which can provide you with a general idea of the price you are going to pay. This can help you spot abnormally costly or conveniently cheap Las Vegas storage companies.
  • Securing fall-back insurance. Insurance is simply a must-have when when it comes to valuable items. We are talking here about your things here, so all steps need to be taken to ensure the safety of those same items.
  • Extra stakes. Go through the contract offered to you and make sure that there are no additional costs to surprise you. In most cases, these would be determined by weight, size or accessibility so pay close attention to those factors.
  • Storage accessibility. Your ideal Las Vegas storage company needs to be close-by. Another factor is the working hours of the facility in question, as you might want to always be able to access the things you’ve got tucked away.

Going all in and making the decision

Bear in mind that all of this can be verified over the phone. However, we would highly recommend taking the time to go and personally visit the facility before making any decisions to ensure that win you want. This gives you a chance to see who you are dealing with. Also, you will get an opportunity to re-visit any potentially confusing terms and requests. So go out there and win the services of the ideal Las Vegas storage company for your needs! And once you do, it’ll be smooth sailing.

Moving to Las Vegas: Choosing the neighborhood

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Welcome to Las Vegas, the Entertainment Capital of the World! Though, this city has other famous nicknames which you probably know. Such as, Sin City or the City of Lights. If you’ve done your research you’re probably familiar with all of these, along with the reasons behind them! However, we understand that every decision when moving is troublesome. There is a lot of stress involved, along with a whole bunch of second-guessing. So, in order to make choosing the neighborhood in the City of Lights easier on you, we’ve compiled a short list for you. Enjoy moving to Las Vegas!

When choosing the neighborhood in Las Vegas, be sure to start with: The Lakes

So, have you ever dreamed of Venice, Italy? Or, even better, visited this romantic place and experienced the awe? The Lakes are Nevada’s version of Venice. It is a wealthy community of single-family homes, commercial areas and offices, structured around a man-made lake, Lake Sahara. This neighborhood was built in the ‘80s and ‘90s, around the water’s perimeter. It is perfect for a boat lover, as most of the homes have their own boat dock. And, if you doubt the beauty of it, let us tell you that it made the Forbes list of America’s prettiest neighborhoods. However, don’t let us tell you. Instead, take a look at the video below before choosing the neighborhood!

If you’re moving to Las Vegas, be sure to check out Summerlin North before choosing the neighborhood

If you’re looking for a community when moving to Las Vegas, then, Summerlin might just be the perfect place for you. This is a neighborhood which will truly make you feel like a part of the family. This community occupies more than 22.000 acres and, according to the 2010 census, its population is nearly a 100.000. It is also among the wealthiest communities in Nevada and it had been named as one of the best places to live in America. While it may not be cheap, Summerlin is definitely worth considering when choosing the neighborhood before moving to Las Vegas. Just look at the video below!

When choosing the right neighborhood after moving to Las Vegas, check out: Buffalo

Now, this is a neighborhood right in the middle of the action. It is in the center of Las Vegas, surrounded by basically everything. If your family is choosing a quieter neighborhood, with an option of fun family activities, you are in the right place. On the other hand, if you would prefer to be near the party of Las Vegas, you aren’t far away. So, when moving to the City of Lights, be sure to check out Buffalo. However, with the great catch which this neighborhood is, it does get fairly expensive. After all, a median home price is estimated about 275.500$. Though, don’t despair! We assure you that if you’re choosing this lovely neighborhood, it’s worth it.

Choosing the neighborhood in Las Vegas means looking at the Centennial Hills, too

This neighborhood has it all. If you are interested in buying cozy house with a great view, choosing the neighborhood might be a good idea. On the other hand, if you’d prefer an apartment, be sure to see all the options that Centennial Hills have to offer. But, this neighborhood isn’t only that. It’s also an infamous group of tightly-knit communities. And, on the plus side, if your family is an active one, there are the mountains just a short drive away. After moving to Las Vegas, be sure to see Mount Charleston, where it’s always a time for a hike. It is truly a magical place to enjoy nature, or, to ski and snowboard during winter!

Another great place to see when picking a neighborhood in Las Vegas is Tule Springs

This is a neighborhood famous for the sheer number of lakeside wedding photos. But, don’t worry, you don’t have to have a ring to get your happily ever after here. This is a large urban retreat, settled on an oasis in the Mojave Desert. The series of small lakes which this neighborhood is composed of offer a peaceful everyday life and a great place for relaxing. Though, it isn’t only for the book readers. As there are numerous Archeological sites, one of which has been included in the National Register of Historic Places. So, for all you history buffs, we suggest that you visit the Tule Springs Ranch after moving to Las Vegas! If you’re not convinced that choosing the neighborhood in Tule Springs for your home is the right thing, take a look at the video below.

If you are still choosing the neighborhood after these, take a look at the Lone Mountain

This is yet another neighborhood in the middle of Las Vegas. While it may sound like a place for hikers only, its name comes from a single hill. Because it is a little ways off from the Red Rock National Conservation Area, it looks like sole mountain in the central area of Vegas. Hence, it got the name ‘Lone Mountain’. Though, if you’re choosing the neighborhood here, you’ll undoubtedly have a great view! But, this isn’t all that the Lone Mountain area offers. It doesn’t matter if you’re into history or into sports, the neighborhood has it all. After moving to Las Vegas, be sure to see the roller hockey rink, basketball, tennis courts and picnic areas at the Lone Mountain. In the end, you can’t go wrong with choosing the neighborhood in this vicinity! If you’re still not convinced, check out the video below.

In the end, when choosing the neighborhood in Las Vegas…

So, now that you know a bit about the different areas of the city, it’s time to consider what you want. We would suggest that, before choosing the neighborhood in Vegas, you list the things you want from it. A big home? Park for your dog? Or a good school nearby? A party next door? And, as soon as you have the answers, choosing the neighborhood after moving to Las Vegas will be easy!




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Sometime in your life you might have visited Las Vegas with your family for a few days of fun, but now that you are going towards retirement and you’re still not sure which place to start your new venture at – you may well consider moving to Las Vegas for your retirement, where you can expect a lot of fun and a good-fit to your retirement lifestyle!


Las Vegas is a city that constantly reinvents itself, much like what retirement can do for retirees. Starting this new chapter of life in Las Vegas gives you the freedom to decide how you will spend your time and who you will spend it with. If you’re an outdoor type of person, you will have many opportunities to enjoy your new-found freedom outside due to the decent climate. Although, the temperatures may get too hot at times, you can retreat to see a show on the Strip or enjoy a day in some activity at the community center. In all, many reasons can be listed as to why Las Vegas is a great place to retire to as a senior that is active, so why not consider becoming a neighbor to those who already have discovered this.


The exciting part is the planning phase – looking at various retirement communities that you will be calling your ‘home’ in Las Vegas. You can find more than around 50 communities to choose from, and along with many tourist spots, you can be sure that you will not be bored to come and live here, by knowing that you have more than enough to keep yourself occupied from the things the city has to offer. If you do decide on Vegas, it is best to make use of the time you have before moving, as an opportunity to contemplate on all of your options when planning the move to Las Vegas.


It is important to keep in mind the varied benefits of a retirement community or you might decide that you will reside in an assisted care facility when it is time for retirement; you simply must carefully evaluate both options. You want to know all the possible benefits you will receive in case you do choose between different neighborhood activities so you can evaluate the individual Las Vegas retirement community.

One of the many must-have benefits of moving to a Las Vegas retirement community is that you are still able to have a social life despite residing in a home by yourself. The retirement community should be the sort of place that facilitates a number of social events, so that you can interact with other residents. The display of how the residents are interacted with the workers makes a big difference, since this can influence the overall experience of your tenure.

Also, the facility needs to fit within the range of your budget so you need to be considering the costs. Even if you can afford the expenses, you need to make certain that the services you get are worth the money you pay for it.

By taking the time to look at different retirement communities, and see what these centers are all about, you will do a better job of evaluating these places. It is definitely worth your time and effort to dig for deeper information rather than just settling with what you’ve seen. If the place you’re looking is the residence you want to stay in, it should be capable of making your retirement life happy, sociable and fun. Ideally, you want to find and stay in a place that best suits your needs and matches your lifestyle.

Due to the wide array of choices available to Las Vegas seniors, retirement communities are very competitive and there are many outstanding active-adult retirement living and retirement communities. The retirement communities in the Las Vegas Valley are closer to being miniature resorts that cater to the active-adult lifestyle, loaded with amenities like hiking and fitness trails, pools and saunas, tennis courts, golf courses, card rooms, ballrooms and more. Check out some of the highest rated active-adult retirement communities available in and around Las Vegas.


For most people, it is important that where they live reflects the lifestyle that fits them and meets their desires. Some communities cater to young families just starting out; others attract active singles leading a carefree lifestyle. As people get older, one attractive community concept is a 55-and-over community. The concept is straightforward: people 55 or older living in a planned community with a variety of amenities that cater to the more mature resident. Generally, these residents still live an active and healthy lifestyle, and the amenities are geared toward keeping that going.

Even so, there are a number of variations on this concept. For instance, some communities require only a minimum number of residents to be 55 or older, making it possible for young families to move in and be a neighbor. All this is fine, but why would someone choose a 55-and-over community? For starters, these well-designed communities have all of the older residents’ needs in mind. These communities generally are close to hospitals, shopping, dining and local attractions; and many are gated or have onsite security patrols that offer a great sense of physical security. Some people choose them to live in them to be near similarly aged peers without the busyness and chaos that comes with families with young children. Many communities also have conveniences that seniors find irresistible, including all of life’s little expenses (e.g., taxes, insurance, utilities) being wrapped up in one fee or the maintenance and care of the property being taken care of by the community.

Deciding on whether a 55-and-over community is right for you is like any other major decision. Do some research, explore your options and recognize potential pitfalls of your possible decisions. And, of course, visit any communities in which you have interest, before you decide on your move to Las Vegas.

Do you need a car in Las Vegas? Read the article and find out!

Do you need a car in Las Vegas?

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Among many things you need to know before moving to Las Vegas. If you don’t already live or work in or around one of the Las Vegas neighborhoods, you will likely rely on your car to get around town and the surrounding Las Vegas area on a daily basis. And that’s the most common answer you’ll get on the question: do you need a car in Las Vegas. No matter if you asked someone who moved to Vegas, or those who were born in The Strip. Without a car, you’ll be quite handicapped in Vegas. Read on and find out why it is essential to be motorized in Vegas. Read More